First of all: please ignore this shitty edit and i love y’all so much bye

I’d like to thank everyone that follows me and everyone that i follow, i love you guys so much. I’ve become friends with the most beautiful and amazing people I had the pleasure to know, I love you guys, more than words can express. I can’t thank you guys enough for always helping me, always suporting me and always making me laught, don’t let anyone put y’all down, because you guys  are the most gorgeous and incredible people of the world. 

The blogs in bold are my faves and i have completely sure that i forgot someone, so if i forgot you, please, let me know.


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abcdrauhl allbad allfredoflores allthatmattters anmnesias avonswaters ayebieber augustuswates allthatmattersisjustin bodyrockks barackobieber baerauhl ballwrecking bbiebas bieberatemyoreos bealrightts beautyandbeat beliebrs bizzlz clalvinsklein canadastratford cieber caylinrusso celinasgomez cantbetamed cometogomez chanelcelayas christtmaslove clitt confidnet copthatforeign chinnybizzle destinyrauhl dieinyousarms djtayjamess drewbieb diariesbieber damnsjustinbieber 

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flatlinnes falsetos firstmarch freshbieber ffondue fuckingwithjustinbieber gayzzle gay4rihanna gracieteefey ghostofyous gusweaters honestbieber holdtights honorbiebs holydrews heartbreoker 

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itssokidrauhl itsjustinsbieber idontrecalls ihearmelodies itwasmarch1994 justinchrists justinfuckenbieber justinsexyman juvstin justinbiebersvagina jasonmcans jesuschrists juornals justinbiebae justinjieber jzstinbieber kidraaul kidrauhlhood kingbedwithoutqueen kingbieber kittydrews kylemessey kyliekenner lickrauhl lifebybieber liferuinedbyjustinbieber likeserenitys lipswontletgo loyauhl lookingfoyou likeitwas1994 

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march1st onenlife onestimes outslawthekiss outlwsthekiss onbizzle ontarioskid ofmyloves outoftowngirl putyousdowns powerbieb pleathe 

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rbieber richbiotch rauhlblunt rihahna rihannasclit rihannasdildo robertdownye rockmafias rollarscoater selenabieber sassybieb selenagomez slowsdowns sellingweedtojustinbieber sexybieb sleepingwithjustinbieber sluttybutsy stratfords swapthehearts swoggy swapitbieber selenamg smaries speakingintongues thoughtfoyou takeyou taakeyou taggedbitch thatforeign thugzmansions turntoyou turntoyus

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ujstin unlockthedream vanessaannes watthefuckjustin wingstofly wontforgets wowbieb wowjustin wrekingball whathefuckluke yezir yonceghost yourbodyrock zendayza zingbieber zustin.

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